Despite often being referred to as a European country, only 3% of Turkey is actually found within Europe, with the remaining 97% located in the Asian continent. This large country shares borders with eight countries; Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq and Syria and as such has a hugely varied culture and history. Turkey is home to a population of around 74 million people with almost 13 million living in the largest city, Istanbul, and a further 4.3 million residing in the capital, Ankara. As well as these huge and significant cities, the country is also famous for its beach resorts and sees almost 30 million foreign tourists arrive each year.

Istanbul is the most popular tourist destination in the country and as such has the best selection of serviced apartments in Turkey in which to base your stay. The city is famous for its mosques and palaces and fine collection of Byzantine and Ottoman archaeological sites. Most of the remainder of tourists arrive to enjoy the ‘Turkish Riviera’, especially along the Mediterranean coast near the tourist hub of Antalya. The summer temperatures on the coast average around 25°C from June to September with the temperatures in Istanbul and Ankara tending to be around four or five degrees lower.

Cities of Turkey