Sweden is a Scandinavian country in the north of Europe sharing borders with Finland to the east and Norway to the west. The country also benefits from the Øresund Bridge connecting it to Denmark, therefore improving its accessibility from mainland Europe on the whole. As with all of the Nordic countries, Sweden's population is largely to be found in the cities of the south of the country; the population density tends to become less the closer to the Arctic Circle you go. The capital city, Stockholm, is a fine example of this with its metropolitan population of 2 million accounting for around 22% of the country's entire population.

Most of the serviced apartments in Sweden are to be found in Stockholm and the country's larger cities such as Gothenberg and Malmo. However, there is also some very good accommodation further north for those wishing to enjoy the winter sports and ski resorts such as Åre and Vemdalen. Travelling to the north is also popular with those hoping to see the Northern Lights; for many, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. As a rule of thumb, the further north you go with the colder it gets. For the southern cities, the summer months of June, July and August bring temperatures in the low-20s Celsius, making for ideal sightseeing weather.

Cities of Sweden