Over 5 million tourists a year visit the north European country of Finland. The country is bordered by Sweden, Norway and Russia and most of the population resides in the south of the country. Most visitors arrive in Finland looking to enjoy outdoor pursuits such as canoeing, camping and fishing and with the long days of the summer there is plenty of opportunity to take your time. The capital city of Helsinki is also very popular and is home to almost 600,000 people out of the country population of 5.5 million. The city has an excellent selection of galleries and museums in which to learn about the history and culture of this sparse land.

The best time to stay in a serviced apartment in Finland is certainly during the typical European summer months of June, July and August. During the winter it is dark for most of the day but this does leave the opportunity to see the country from a different perspective as the towns and cities employee interesting lighting techniques. The locals enjoy an array of unusual activities such as ice swimming and walks on the frozen sea, before relaxing in a rather more comfortable sauna. Certainly take advice from the natives if you wish to enjoy any of these uncommon pursuits.

Cities of Finland