On the north-western tip of Africa you will find the Kingdom of Morocco, a country of more than 32 million people bordering Algeria to the east and within touching distance of Spain to the north. Morocco is a democratic country but the King still has vast powers and is the undoubted head of state. There are a number of historical and atmospheric cities popular with tourists such as the capital Rabat, Casablanca on the north-west coast and Marrakesh further inland. These big cities are an interesting blend of old and new with plenty of historical Moorish, Roman and Berber architecture to be seen throughout.

The annual 10 million visitors a year do not just spend their time in the big cities however as Morocco has plenty of other attractions to see. Tours of the Atlas Mountains are very popular as is the major coastal resort of Agadir. Serviced apartments in Morocco are available and popular all through the year but the weather will depend on which part of the country you are staying in. Generally, the further south you travel the hotter it will get, while the coastal areas have a pleasant sea breeze and the mountainous regions tend to become colder with the altitude. Morocco is certainly a country with plenty of history and culture and a hugely varying landscape.

Cities of Morocco