Fiji is a country in the South Pacific Ocean made up of well over 300 islands, over 100 of which are inhabited. The two main islands are known as Viti Levu and Vanua Levu and these are the most popular islands and best-known to tourists. Of course, the vast majority of the tourists visiting the country book serviced apartments in Fiji for the beautiful golden sands and crystal blue seas. There are numerous beach resorts around the coasts of both islands as well as the harder to reach smaller islands. The main airport in the country is just outside the city of Nadi and receives international flights from around the Pacific Rim.

Most of the islands which make up the country were formed through volcanic activity leaving a rocky and forested interior. The country has a population of about 850,000 and many of the residents work in the tourism industry in some capacity. The country is typically reached via New Zealand to the south or the United States to the north-east and visitors arrive to year-round sunshine. The culture of the country is a blend of European, Chinese, Indian and Pacific Island influences which have shaped arts, music and cuisine greatly.

Cities of Fiji