United States of America

The United States of America (usually referred to as the US or USA) is a North American nation comprising of 50 states and a population of 312 million inhabitants. The country is known as one of the global powerhouses in terms of economic, political and military influence and plays a huge role in international affairs. It is also a vast melting pot of diverse cultures and ancestry with much historical input from European nations. The USA is famous worldwide for huge cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston as well as a number of unique natural attractions.

These natural attractions include such wonders as the Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountains, Yellowstone Park and the Everglades and the geography of the country varies enormously across the land. Serviced apartments in the USA are found in all major cities and give visitors access to such touristic highlights as Times Square, Hollywood Blvd, the Las Vegas strip and Disneyland. The climate of the country varies hugely depending on where you are, but as a rule of thumb the further south you go the hotter it gets. The hottest states are Florida and Texas, with Alaska in the north-west being the coldest. The USA is certainly a country that takes more than one trip to enjoy in full.

Cities of United States of America