Officially known as the Republic of Serbia, this landlocked country in south central Europe has a population of just over 7 million people. Surrounded by six other European nations (Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina) Serbia has had its borders redrawn many times over the centuries and has only been an independent republic since 2006. Despite the nation's turbulent past, recently found stability has seen an increase in tourist numbers, with visitors hoping to experience the vast history and culture of the area. The typical summer months of June, July and August see the highest numbers of visitors, with temperatures averaging around 25°C.

Many of the finest serviced apartments in Serbia are found in the capital city, Belgrade. This city of 1.2 million people also has an excellent selection of museums and cultural institutions and an interesting mixture of architecture. Outside of the cities, Serbia has a variety of scenery and national parks to enjoy as well as some excellent spa facilities. There is also a healthy mountain and winter sports economy in the Šar Mountain and Fruška Gora regions and others. The lush forests and rolling hills are also very popular with fishing and hunting enthusiasts, but are equally suitable for hiking and general sightseeing.

Cities of Serbia