Romania is a country in the east of Europe sharing borders with Hungary, Serbia, Ukraine, Moldova and Bulgaria. The country has a population of about 22 million people and its capital city is Bucharest; a city of 2 million people known for its arts and cultural institutions and unconventional mix of architecture. The climate of Romania has four distinct seasons with plenty of sun to be enjoyed during the summer; from June to August. This is certainly the best time of year to visit, with temperatures often being over 25°C. Up to 9 million people a year visit the country to enjoy both the cities and wonderful countryside.

Speaking of the countryside, Romania is sometimes known as the Carpathian Garden; referring to the mountain range which is so prominent in the interior of the country. There are plenty of serviced apartments in Romania giving excellent access to the mountains and surrounding countryside and such ski resorts as Busteni. The tourism industry is also well established for those wishing to visit and explore the Danube Delta and Romania's Black Sea resorts along its 275 km coastline. This is the only coastline the country has, and as such many holiday towns have sprung up with interesting names such as Neptun, Venus and Saturn.

Cities of Romania