Belgium is a country and kingdom in the west of Europe which has a varied population and three official languages. Depending on where you are in the country you may find the locals speaking Dutch, French or German and the country is roughly split into two regions, Flanders in the North and Wallonia in the south. Historically and economically tied to the Netherlands, France and Luxembourg, Belgium has a rich cultural history and plenty of museums to document it. There is also an abundance of beautiful architecture spread throughout the land.

Belgium's population of 11 million people has been using the Euro currency since 2002 and this has bolstered the country's tourism industry. Despite the country's linguistic variations it has played a major role in the artistic development of the continent. It is this cultural and artistic prominence that leads many tourists to stay in serviced apartments in Belgium each year. The country also has a reputation for its excellent restaurants as well as chocolate, waffles and french fries (which come from here, not France). Many tourists also arrive in Belgium looking forward to experiencing some genuine Belgian beer and the largest brewer in the world is found in this country.

Cities of Belgium