Macedonia is one of the younger countries in Europe having only established its independence from the former Yugoslavia in 1993. Since then the country has continued to reform its economy seeing steady growth, particularly in the IT sector. Macedonia now has 10 years of peace behind it and tourism has become a prominent industry for the country. It is the nation's impressive array of cultural and natural attractions which brings visitors to the country, with annual visitors heading towards the 1 million mark. Bordered by Kosovo, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece and Albania, the country certainly does not lack for cultural influences.

The capital city, Skopje is home to almost 700,000 people out of a country population of just over 2 million and is one of the first locations to be reached by tourists. The premier sights of the city are the Kale Fortress and Millennium Cross. Serviced apartments in Macedonia are available all year round with the best time to visit being during the hot and dry summers of June, July and August. Outside of the city, Lake Ohrid is found in the south west of the country and is home to UNESCO recognised World Heritage Sites. The interesting Old Town is also an intriguing area to visit, as well as the surrounding countryside.

Cities of Macedonia