The South American country of Ecuador is to be found between Colombia and Peru and has almost 1500 miles of Pacific coastline. The geographical landscape of Ecuador varies greatly; from Pacific beaches to the snow-covered peaks of the Andes, and the temperatures vary accordingly. The coastal area cities and towns tend to see temperatures in the mid-20s Celsius whilst the Sierra region tends to be about 10° colder on average. Out of an overall population of 14 million people, almost 3,000,000 live in the capital city of Quito, located in the mid-north of the country.

Visitors to the country vary in terms of what they would like to enjoy; the metropolitan capital city with its historical Catholic churches, the winter sports of the Andes range and beachside resorts such as Manta are all hugely popular. For those fond of outdoor pursuits and exploring, Ecuador is home to glaciers, volcanoes, forests and national parks; certainly something for everyone. Most of the serviced apartments in Ecuador are found in the larger cities, but there are also some excellent choices along the coast and in some of the wilder east. A holiday in Ecuador can be as comfortable or as adventurous as you like; the country has it all.

Cities of Ecuador