Germany is the most heavily populated country in Europe with over 80 million permanent inhabitants. It is also one of the most powerful and influential nations in the European Union and is found right in the middle of the continent. It is perhaps most famous for its arts and architecture, especially its unparalleled history of producing world famous composers such as Bach and Beethoven. It's often Gothic style architecture is recognised with no less than 33 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Germany has also produced more than its fair share of philosophers and all of this history is well documented in the country's museums and cultural institutions.

Being the third most visited country in Europe, many tourists also book serviced apartments in Germany to enjoy the German countryside. There is an excellent selection of spa towns and health tourism is particularly well established in Germany. The Bavarian and Black Forests are also hugely popular for their striking natural beauty, and of course the Bavarian Alps provide breathtaking scenery and mountain sports opportunities. The most popular city to visit is undoubtedly the capital, Berlin, which is also the largest in the country. Other popular choices are Munich, Hamburg and Frankfurt but there are a number of towns and cities worthy of your time.

Cities of Germany