The southern European country of Italy has long been popular with visitors wishing to soak up the country's rich history, art, cuisine and fashion to name but a few features. Only France, Spain, United States and China see more visitors than Italy, with over 43 million tourists making the trip every year. The famous cities of Rome and Milan are wonderful to enjoy and discover with attractions such as the Coliseum in Rome and the Vatican Museums of Milan. In the south of the country, Naples is by far the most popular city and the ruins of Pompeii are a must see attraction.

Although the weather is pleasant all over the country, much of the best weather is found on the Mediterranean islands of Sicily and Sardinia. As a rule of thumb, the further south you go the hotter it gets with average temperatures ranging from the mid-20s to mid-30s Celsius during the summer months. Serviced apartments in Italy can see you staying in one of the big cities, a beach resort, an Alpine hideaway or on a Mediterranean island; such is the diversity of the country. Wherever you go however, you will certainly be immersed in the passionate and artistic Italian culture, surrounded by archaeological wonders and natural beauty.

Cities of Italy