Canada consists of three territories and 10 provinces spread across 10m km² of North America and is the second largest country in the world. Its border with the United States is the longest in the world and the country reaches from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans. However, the really impressive fact about Canada is that despite its vast size it is still regarded as having some of the friendliest natives in the world. Canada's 35 million population is generally spread over the French-speaking provinces of the east and the English-speaking of the west. Also including the Arctic territories of the north; Canada certainly has plenty to see and do.

Among the most famous cities of the land are Toronto (the largest), Ottawa (the capital), Vancouver, Quebec and Montréal. The latter two of these are largely French speaking communities but there is also a great deal of bilingualism. Serviced apartments in Canada are available in all of these destinations as well as Whistler and Banff; the two most popular skiing and mountain sports resorts. Generally speaking, the further north you go in Canada, the colder it gets but virtually no part of Canada is safe from the snow all year round. Don't let the nippy temperatures put you off; Canada is an exciting, cultural and friendly holiday destination.

Cities of Canada