The Republic of the Philippines is a nation of 94 million people spread over some 7000 islands in the western Pacific Ocean. Also part of Southeast Asia, the country's position in the Ring of Fire gives it its tropical climate and somewhat unpredictable weather. Most of the population is found in the three main divisions of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao with the capital city, Manila, being located on the first of these. Many people's first view of the Philippines will be the capital city; certainly a wonderful metropolis, it is also the most densely populated city in the world and so many people spend a couple of days sightseeing before moving on to another part of the country.

Average temperatures in the Philippines tend to be between 25 and 30°C all year round but there is significantly more rain from August to December. Serviced apartments in the Philippines are not just found in the capital; there is also excellent accommodation in the seaside province of Aklan, also famous for its annual festival. Other attractions include the wonderfully named Chocolate Hills; limestone hills which change colour and are found on the island of Bohol. If you have plenty of time in the country, be sure to check out the country's second city, Cebu, and also the beautiful Hundred Islands National Park.

Cities of Philippines