Cambodia is an intriguing country in south-east Asia squeezed in between Thailand, Vietnam and Laos. The country has been heavily influenced by the practice of Buddhism, with over 90% of the population practicing the peaceful religion. The traditional starting point for visitors to Cambodia is the country's capital, Phnom Penh. This is the cultural, economic and political hub of the country and you should certainly commit some time to it during your holiday. Despite a troubled past, Cambodia is now a settled, stable and peaceful country with a democratic political system.

Most of the serviced apartments in Cambodia are found in the capital as it is home to 2.2 million residents out of the country population of 15 million. As well as the capital, the rest of the country has plenty of destinations to visit during a holiday to Cambodia. The Siem Reap Province in the north-west is hugely popular, giving access to the well-known Angkor ruins. Similar to the region as a whole, Cambodia is subject to monsoon seasons. The dry season is from November to March with the best chance of dry weather being January and February. This also provides a great opportunity for a holiday at the start of the year.

Cities of Cambodia