The Republic of Lebanon is a small country in the Middle East on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Bordered by Syria to the north and Israel to the South the country has certainly had a troubled past but maintains a sense of national identity; enveloping a great amount of ethnic and religious diversity. Despite the troubles, many tourists continue to visit the country and the tourism industry remains important to the country as a whole. There is plenty to see and do in this country of 4.2 million with an array of historic religious buildings, Roman ruins, sandy beaches and an excellent nightlife to enjoy.

The rocky terrain of the country generally enjoys a Mediterranean climate, especially along the 140 mile coastline. There is a distinct difference in temperatures between winter and summer with the best of the weather coming from May to October. Outside of these months there is often plenty of rain and chilly temperatures. The capital city and most visited is Beirut with an urban population of about 2 million people. Having been rebuilt more than once, the city is often known as the Paris of the East due to its excellent restaurants, shopping malls, nightlife and sightseeing. The various serviced apartments in Lebanon reflect the architecture which is refined and modern alongside more traditional Ottoman and Arab style buildings.

Cities of Lebanon