Australia is an enormous country in the southern hemisphere known for its wonderful weather, sparsely populated interior and vibrant coastal cities and towns. The vast majority of the country's 23 million population is to be found living along the beautiful and varied coastline in such cities as Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. The most famous town of Australia's interior is Alice Springs which most people visit before visiting the equally famous Ayres Rock. Of all the most famous landmarks of the country, however, is the Sydney Opera House; situated alongside the Harbour Bridge, it is one of the sights most visitors wish to see.

The climate of the country varies greatly and Australia has one of the most diverse environments on Earth. Depending on where you are in the country you could be surrounded by tropical rain forest, arid desert, beautiful golden sands and blue seas, or rocky mountain ranges. This makes staying in a serviced apartment in Australia an exciting and unpredictable holiday with an unbelievable choice of surroundings to see. Many visitors choose to stay for longer than just a week or two; bearing in mind the size of the country and time it takes to reach.

Cities of Australia