Argentina is the second largest country in South America and takes up most of the southern part of that continent. The official language of the country is Spanish and more than 85% of the population are of European ethnicity. The country has a population of approximately 40,000,000 people and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of South America. The capital city, Buenos Aires, is known as a vibrant and metropolitan city; often referred to as quite European in style and atmosphere.

With the country being spread over such a large area, the climate varies greatly from the north to the south. The north of the country tends to be the hottest part with subtropical weather and even desert areas. Travelling south, the country's climate becomes subpolar and is home to many ski resorts in the higher altitude areas to the west. Serviced apartments in Argentina are available throughout the year especially in the capital and largest cities. If you wish to take advantage of the ski facilities, June to October is the best time. Overall, Argentina is a varied and interesting country, and certainly worth a visit.


Cities of Argentina