The Scandinavian country of Denmark is the southernmost of the Nordic countries and so has more convenient links with the rest of Europe. Including the territories of Greenland and the Faroe Islands, there is an overall population of about 5.5 million residents. Geographically, the country is interestingly situated, largely consisting of a peninsular with many islands sticking out into the North Sea. With a constitutional monarchy and democratic political system, Denmark is as stable as any other in the world and has a long and cultured history.

Many tourists’ first stopping point is the capital city, Copenhagen. Among the half a million permanent residents you'll find an abundance of attractions such as the grand cathedral, opera house and two striking palaces. Serviced apartments in Denmark are also available outside of the capital in interesting destinations such as Aalborg, Odense and the coastal city of Aarhus. The climate is typically northern European with the best of the weather coming in June, July and August. Denmark has many museums and cultural institutions dedicated to art, history and literature especially; being the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen. Traditional Danish cuisine should definitely be experienced and makes use of plenty of meat and fish to create warming winter food.

Cities of Denmark