The tiny State of Kuwait is an Arabic country situated between Saudi Arabia and Iraq and has a stretch of coastline on the Persian Gulf. Officially an independent emirate since 1961, the population of 3.5 million must certainly be used to the heat with average summer temperatures reaching the mid-40s Celsius. Of course, this is far too hot for most people making a winter trip far more sensible. With its extensive oil fields, Kuwait is a prosperous and affluent country and has a more modern culture compared to its neighbours. The country is highly urbanised and has a number of tourist attractions available to visitors.

The coastline of the Persian Gulf is home to some of the best watersports resorts in the area with yachting, diving and boat trips being very popular. There is also a hugely traditional culture of pearl diving to be found here producing some excellent souvenirs to take back home. Further shopping is to be had in both the modern and expansive malls and the smaller souks to be found in the country. More traditional culture and historical displays are to be found in the National Museum which is located in the capital city (Kuwait City). Another popular destination is Bayt Al-Badr (Al-Badr House) which documents the country's history brilliantly.

Cities of Kuwait