Croatia is a small country in the Balkans area of south central Europe sharing borders with five surrounding countries including Slovenia and Hungary. The country has been independent since 1991 and largely peaceful since the end of the Croatian war in 1995. With a blossoming tourism industry, the country enjoys a democratic constitution and encourages visitors from other parts of the world. Most of the 12m+ annual visitors generally choose to visit the country’s beautiful coastal towns of the Adriatic such as Split and Zadar and of course the capital, Zagreb, is also very popular.

Croatia is also famous for its wonderful national parks and nature reserves. With its south central European location, the country enjoys a varied climate with the sun of the Mediterranean coastline, cooler temperatures of the north and east and Highland climate of the central areas. Generally speaking, the best time to stay in a serviced apartment in Croatia is during the typical European summer months of June to September. The natives are fond of various festivals and celebrations throughout the year; with music, film, history and religion all being celebrated enthusiastically.

Cities of Croatia