France is one of the largest and most populous countries in Europe and is bordered by eight other European nations. The country is enormously popular with tourists both from Europe and the rest of the world and is primarily known for its arts, fashion, cuisine, architecture and history. Its capital city, Paris, is one of the most famous cities in the world and is known as the ‘city of love’. Various regions of the country provide very different geographical features and holiday possibilities, from the beach resorts of the south coast to the ski resorts of the Spanish and Italian/Swiss borders.

There is a great amount of history associated with France, being hugely influential in the shaping of Europe as we know it. The French nation celebrates the arts as much as any other, and has famous museums such as the Louvre in Paris. The best of the weather tends to be found in southern resorts such as Cannes and Marseille and this area tends to be more of a year-round destination. Serviced apartments in France are an excellent option and are found throughout this country of 85 million people. There are also numerous bistros and world-class restaurants in which to enjoy the famous French haute cuisine.

Cities of France