The Kingdom of Spain consists of the majority of the Iberian Peninsula, with its main boarders being with France to the north and Portugal to the west. Including the Balearic and Canary Islands, the total population comes to approximately 46 million inhabitants and it is the second largest country in Europe by land mass. Spain is a history lover’s dream, being chock full of historical landmarks especially from the Roman era with Roman Catholicism still being hugely influential on the country. The capital and largest city of the country is Madrid and there are numerous other fascinating and cosmopolitan cities to enjoy such as Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla and Zaragoza.

Excellent serviced apartments in Spain are available in all of these cities as well as the beautiful natural regions of the Pyrenees, Ordesa Valley and Albufera nature reserve. Although the entirety of Spain is blessed with beautiful weather, the south tends to see the higher temperatures and more year-round sunshine. If you're visiting during the summer season, you can realistically expect temperatures to be at least in the mid-20s Celsius. Spain is also very famous for its annual festivals, many of which are religion based and occur during the Easter period. However, perhaps the most famous of all is The Running of the Bulls in Pamplona; probably best viewed from a distance!

Cities of Spain