Austria is a landlocked country found right in the heart of the European Continent. It is bordered by many countries; Germany and the Czech Republic to the North, Slovenia and Italy to the south, Hungary and Slovakia to the east and Switzerland and Liechtenstein to the west. Austria is an almost entirely mountainous country with more than two thirds of the country being above 1600 ft. German is the official language of the country although many Austro-Bavarian dialects are also spoken throughout Austria.

The population of 8.5 million uses the Euro currency and the country is actually the 12th richest in the world in terms of gross domestic product. Agriculture and manufacturing still play an important part in the economy but tourism continues to be important, especially with the many ski enthusiasts who visit each year. Serviced apartments in Austria are found both in the cities and the excellent ski resorts all over the country. In a country dominated by the Alps, Austria has a predominantly alpine climate but summer temperatures can be very comfortable, often in the mid-20s Celsius.

Cities of Austria