The Kingdom of Norway is a Nordic country taking up the western third of Scandinavia in the north of Europe. Despite a population of 5 million people, its land mass and largely uninhabitable north make Norway the second least densely populated country in Europe. Much of the population resides in the large cities of the South such as capital Oslo, home to over 600,000 people. The capital has a rich and diverse architecture and numerous excellent museums and cultural institutions to visit and learn about the country's history. The climate of the capital reflects much of southern Norway and has a distinct summer period during June, July and August, before becoming pretty chilly from October through to April.

Many visitors choose to come to Norway to experience the unspoiled countryside of the land, including its fjords, coastline and mountainous regions. Reaching all the way up into the Arctic Circle, Norway certainly has a varied landscape which includes ski resorts and woodlands, ideal for hiking. There is also a number of stunning waterfalls in the country with the Vøringfossen waterfall being the most visited natural wonder in Norway. Serviced apartments in Norway are found in all of the major cities and even some of the more remote and sparse areas, excellent for enjoying the countryside.

Cities of Norway