Uruguay is one of the smaller South American countries with a total population of 3.5 million people. Located in the south east of the continent, the country is bordered by Brazil to the north and Argentina to the west, and also has a significant South Atlantic coastline. It is here on the coast that the capital city of Montevideo is found; with over half of the country's entire population living in and around the capital, it is obviously the focal point of the country. As with most of South America, Uruguay has been hugely influenced by European colonialism; Spanish is the only official language and 88% of its people are of European descent.

Most visitors to the country book serviced apartments in Uruguay in the capital city, but although there is plenty to see in Montevideo, the country also has other attractions. The towns and resorts along the Atlantic coast have seen an increase in investment since the 1990s and have some of the most unspoiled landscapes in the country. Other popular beach resorts are found in the Maldonado and Canelones regions, with Piriápolis and Punta Colorada being excellent examples. Temperatures in Uruguay are hottest between November and March, averaging about 24°C but the weather is the least comfortable all year round.

Cities of Uruguay