Malta is a European country in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea consisting mainly of two islands. Located to the south of the Italian island of Sicily and north/east of the North African coast, Malta is a hugely popular tourist destination primarily known for its beautiful weather and significant collection of historical monuments. English is widely spoken throughout the country but there is also the official Maltese language which is a blend of Arabic, Italian and English. Malta has a population of just over 400,000 people densely packed into one of the smallest countries on the continent.

Many of the most modern serviced apartments in Malta are to be found in the two main cities of Valetta and Birkirkara. Both of these towns are full of impressive historical buildings dating back 500 years or so as well as many quaint streets and alleyways to explore. There are also many beach resorts in which to enjoy the Mediterranean weather; the second island of Gozo is home to many of these. Speaking of the weather, the annual average temperature is around 18°C with the hottest months being between June and September when the temperatures tend to be between 23 and 27°C. Also, during the summer months the temperature can reach the low 30s Celsius and rain is highly unlikely.

Cities of Malta