Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands are a group of three main islands and some smaller, uninhabited ones to the east of Puerto Rico. The three main islands are Saint Croix, Saint John, and Saint Thomas and it is on these islands that the majority of the 110,000 population reside. Despite Virgin Islands Creole being used by some of the population, English is the only official language and the United States dollar is the official currency. Most visitors to the islands arrive to make use of the beautiful white sandy beaches and crystal blue seas of popular destinations such as Magens Bay and Trunk Bay.

Virtually all serviced apartments in the Virgin Islands come with beautiful sea views as standard, as virtually all of the commercial buildings are found on the coast. Scuba-diving is also very popular with some excellent Coral Reef and tropical fish to view, and much of this is protected in national parks and reserves. Being close to the equator, the weather is very consistent with temperatures hovering around the 30°C mark all year round. There is noticeably more rain however from August to November so these months are best avoided if you're not a big fan of getting wet!

Cities of Virgin Islands