To many people’s surprise, Indonesia is actually the fourth most populous country in the world. Found in south-east Asia, the country is made up of a staggering 17,500 or so islands and so understandably has a broad array of ethnic and linguistic groups within the country. The capital city Jakarta is the first stop for most visitors to the country and is home to almost 10m inhabitants out of the country's overall population of almost 240m. The main museums and cultural sites of the capital are found in and around the Merdeka Square and Old Town areas of the city.

With the country being on the equator, temperatures are consistent all year round and average between 25 and 32°C. Many of these months however are characterised by plenty of rain but the driest time of year to stay in a serviced apartment in Indonesia is July to October. Outside of the capital, many of the yearly 6.5 million tourists make use of the excellent nature tourism industry. This feature of the country includes a huge amount of rainforest (especially on Sumatra and Java) and fantastic beach resorts such as Bali and Lombok which have some of the best scuba diving in the world. When visiting the country it is best to choose what kind of holiday you would like before leaving home.

Cities of Indonesia