The Principality of Monaco is often referred to as the ‘Playground of the Rich and Famous’ and there is certainly some truth in this nickname. Located on the French Riviera it is surrounded by France on three sides with the fourth being its coastline on the Mediterranean Sea. Also just 10 miles from Italy, much of Monaco's success comes from its ideal and idyllic location. The principality’s 36,000 permanent population enjoys both the highest average GDP per capita and highest life expectancy in the world; living in Monaco is obviously very good for you!

The Mediterranean climate makes Monaco a year round tourist destination with the best of the weather coming from June to September. With average summer temperatures in the mid-20s Celsius, the weather is comfortable rather than sweltering; another reason for the area’s success. The harbours and marinas along the seafront tend to be the heart of Monaco as much of both residents’ and visitors’ time is spent either on the sea or in the restaurants and bistros overlooking it. Accommodation is of a very high standard with serviced apartments in Monaco being especially sought after. Sport plays a big role in the culture of this city state with Formula One, football and rugby all being very popular here.

Cities of Monaco