By far the largest country in South America, Brazil is an eclectic and exciting country of more than 190 million people. The country's European history is clearly seen and heard with the national language being Portuguese. With over 4500 miles of Atlantic coastline, many of the most populous and famous cities in Brazil are found next to the sea such as the world-famous Rio de Janeiro. The country has long been popular with tourists wishing to experience the Brazilian sense of passion and lust for life evident in the many carnivals which take place every year.

Brazil is also home to the Amazon Rainforest, one of the most diverse and intriguing ecosystems on the planet. Visitors to the country generally come to either experience this wonderful wildlife opportunity or the 24-hour excitement of the big cities. It is said that Brazil is the ideal country to get lost in; with an almost equal split in terms of black and white racial background, the country is a fantastic blend of cultures. Serviced apartments in Brazil continue to be hugely popular in the big cities of Rio, São Paulo, Salvador and Brasilia (the capital of the country). Make sure you book well in advance if you wish to visit the Rio carnival.

Cities of Brazil