Tunisia is one of the smaller countries in North Africa, sandwiched between the larger Algeria and Libya. It also benefits from a significant stretch of Mediterranean coastline which is the basis for most of the country's tourism industry. Out of a national population of 10.5 million, the capital city, Tunis, is home to 730,000 inhabitants with 2.4 million in the surrounding area. Also being situated on the Mediterranean coast, the city is famous for its grand colonial era buildings, thriving marketplaces and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Carthage. Tunis is also the most significant gateway to the rest of the country.

Many excellent serviced apartments in Tunisia are found in the beach resorts of the coast such as Sousse-Monastir-Mahdia and Nabeul-Hammamet, as well as the capital. The majority of tourists to the country come from European countries with eco-tourism and spa breaks becoming increasingly popular. Tunisia is considered to be a year-round holiday destination with average temperatures tending to be between 12°C in winter and 27°C in the summer months. For those wishing to experience some genuine North African terrain, there are many day trips and expeditions available to the mountainous and more arid south of the country.

Cities of Tunisia